Celebrity Redheads

Celebrity Redheads

Is Gillian Anderson a real redhead? That's the question many fans have been asking for quite some time. No doubt she's got the pale skin, the red hair, and the fiery temper, but how can we really know? If she is, she joins an elite group of Hollywood actresses blessed with auburn locks. 

The great Rita Hayworth was perhaps the best known redhead during the golden years of movie making. Her flaming hair was considered her best asset, and she became the pin-up girl of many a young boy of the time. Pristine actress Julie Andrews was also a red head, as was Katharine Hepburn. In modern times, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy have perhaps not done the best job of representing the redheaded masses, nor has Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, but Nicole Kidman certainly makes up for it in style and sexiness, as does Julia Roberts - when she's in a red mood. Most recently Julianne Moore has thrilled lovers of red hair and freckles.

Of course, none of these women can match the greatest redhead of them all, one whose perfect figure was matched by her immaculate housekeeping skills. I refer to none other than Wilma Flintstone, the most gorgeous redhead in the universe, and far better looking that boring old Betty Rubble. Wouldn't you agree?

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